Gerua the word is more sceptical says Amithabh Bhattacharya

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The more beautiful song and more sceptical word that is what the  movie song Gerua making. After the song go on full swing the charming Sharukh Badshah of Mumbai City appeared on screen with lovely smile and cute hugs with Kajol. The smile  pave a away to crew members a huge round of applause from all side .

The confusing fact is that how the romantic sensational scene will capture when the Badshah looking so close to her eyes . Kajol as usual says Badshah is becoming more cute one after another the scene is shot on. The iconic pair of Bollywood Sharukh and Kajol was happy to see again on frame with this romancing song Directed by Rohith Shetty.




It is commonly used word in films will it be worked or will it appreciate that is more confusing when it turn around. The scene was shot on helicopters and icebergs are visible on screen. When the duo appears on screen there is no chance to script listening . By all means the song and music all go and go with happy manner.

Gerua penned by Amithabh Bhattacharya seen Sharukh and Kajol romancing in the scenic visuals of Iceland. He just liked the word and suddenly we came to closure the song lyrics  fast. Kriti senon who is completely outsider who came to dance with Sharukh overwhelmed the Industry after the songs hit one by one .

The contrast in the scene is awesome with red saree draped Kajol on  green hill top romancing Shahrukh who is wearing black and blue the scene is burst of colour that is rather pleasing to eyes. That was challenging for us but  the scene came out as usual as well.

The song wannabes listed  the song at first and went on a bombing wave accross the globe . The production team took all measures to ensure safety and made believe people to get blend with scenic beauty of Iceland.

Rohit Shetty said Gerua is first out and out song and more music and beutiful greenic visuals to watch all.