Covid 19 plows hardship for nursing staffs

Covid , nursing staffs  

The onset of Covid 19 Pandemic, the work condition of health workers expecially nursing staff totally changed. It is of deteriorating their working condition than losing their jobs. 

During the Covid times, the government deployed nurses at Covid centres and the health ministry asked all the staffs to send the hospitals under the ministry . On the other hand the private hospitals were asked not to function. This caused the increasing burden and heavy rush on the government hospitals.

As a result private hospitals were instructed their staffs to go on unpaid leave and the government staffs could not even take leave as the situation was declared emergency. Some of them worked 8 to 12 hours with out receiving overtime remuneration. Some of the hospitals they do not use excess gloves and masks because of the fear of falling short of these supplies. 

Some of the hospitals they were not used gloves because of shortage and used sanitisers instead of gloves. To stand taking temperature of each patient was stress full for them and also there was no social distancing and fear to catch up infection. Many of the nurses had not taken leave , including their annual leave worked hard in Covid days. 

And they could  not get off days to travel home and seeing their parents and children . Many of the staffs in private hospitals lost their job and did not get monetary assistance from hospitals. This is what the real hardship faced by the nurse staffs during Covid days. So they are the real heroes must tipping hat's to them.