Sea shell traders struggle in Kerala after the Covid affect In the little coastal town of Chavara

Sea shell traders struggle in Kerala after the Covid affect In the little coastal town of Chavara in Kollam district Kerala for many of the sea shell traders struggling due to Covid Pandemic affect.In ashtamudi lake as we can see many of the local sea shell traders depending to their daily bread  for sea shell sale. But after the wide spread of Covid Pandemic their trade goes down. They are struggling to meet their daily expenses at now. All of them have family including wife , kids and parents. But they says that they can't move forward because of the lower demand of sea shell. One day they collecting one or two sack sea shell from this lake.

One sack contains 10 packet sea shell and they put price 100 Rs for one packet of sea shell in market. But now a days the demand of sea shell go down and they got compelled to sell sea shell at lower price. How can we maintain a family needs with this  asking  Abdul wahab one of the sea sell traders from Karnallor. We have kids studying in school and also  mother and father having physical uneasiness and the piller of house wife. We have to meet all the expenses of them. But we scarcely get chance to meet all these expenses. “We have to face deprecatory from customers when we approach them for sea shell selling. He says no one has single penny  in hand after the Covid. So how should we impute them? This is the main question pop up in mind. We do not know no other jobs switch on to that.

 We knew this trade only. When we bring this sea shell in market buyers putting a lower price and we are forced to serving out the product with this price,  else the market sales could not happen. We have no association to raise our problems before politicians or public. So we are just looking forward to persons who have keeping contact with them . If it is come in to the public notice our situation will be changed. “We are hoping that present situation will be changed after the people knew our worries. So please help us this is what i want to say just now , he responded.  Hundred of sea shell local traders are went through the same situation rjght now , the situation must be changed . Mindless destruction will not be entertained in this matter , if persons follow up same how this local traders can go with their family , think wise.